Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering

Volume 107, Issue 35, October 1960

Volume 107, Issue 35

October 1960

Electricity meters. A review of progress
The impulse strength of fully-impregnated-paper dielectrics as used in high-voltage cables
An experimental study of surges and oscillations in windings of core-type transformers
Oscillations in a transformer winding, with particular reference to the response to an applied surge
The surge flashover voltages of air-gaps associated with insulators and bushings
Some considerations in the application of power rectifiers and convertors
Electricity in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide
The authors' reply to the discussion on “Electricity in the manufacture of hydrogen peroxide”
Further developments of the self-oscillating induction motor
The application of the method of images to machine end-winding fields

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