Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering

Volume 102, Issue 6, December 1955

Volume 102, Issue 6

December 1955

Electrical energy from the wind
Interruption of a.c. circuits
Proving the performance of circuit-breakers, with particular reference to those of large breaking capacity
A new testing station for high-power circuit-breakers
The authors' reply to the discussion on “A new testing station for high-power circuit-breakers”
The installation of metal-sheathed cables on spaced supports
Automatic circuit reclosers
The authors' reply to the discussion on “Automatic circuit reclosers”
The electrical engineering industry in the post-war economy. Part II
The adhesion of electric locomotives
The supply of electricity in the London area
The representation of impedances on the resistance network analyser
The solution of gas in oil during transformer filling
Multiple fault analysis of delta-star transformer banks
New design of control installations for transmission stations
A 20 MeV betatron for X-ray therapy
The electric strength of transformer oil

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