Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering

Volume 102, Issue 5, October 1955

Volume 102, Issue 5

October 1955

Electrolytic processes for surface conditioning of metals
The electrical equipment of the Toronto subway cars
The authors' reply to the discussion on “Electricity in the wool-textile industry”
The standardization of retail electricity tariffs
The authors' reply to the discussion on “The standardization of retail electricity tariffs”
An examination of high-voltage d.c. testing applied to large stator windings
Current summations with current transformers
Dynamic operation of an a.c. network analyser
The capability of alternators
A high-power mechanical contact rectifier
Matrix methods for the evaluation of simultaneous faults in three-phase systems
A note on the surface loss in a laminated pole-face
The initiation mechanism of long sparks in point-plane gaps
Steady-state stability of synchronous generators as affected by regulators and governors

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