Proceedings of the IEE - Part A: Power Engineering

Volume 102, Issue 3, June 1955

Volume 102, Issue 3

June 1955

Sealed transformers
The author's reply to the discussion on “Sealed transformers”
The economic selection of cooling towers for generating stations
The application of friction/heat-transfer correlations to cooling-tower design
Problems of hydro-electric design in mixed thermal–hydro-electric systems
High-voltage transmission developments in Sweden
Single-phase 50 c/s a.c. traction using a rectifier
Distortion of turbo-alternator rotor windings through thermal stress
Design, performance and application of miniature circuit-breakers
The authors' reply to the discussion on “Inherent current, voltage and speed control in dynamo-electric machinery”
Leakage flux and surface polarity in iron ring stampings
The tensor equations of electrical machines

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