Proceedings of the IEE - Part IV: Institution Monographs

Volume 98, Issue 1, October 1951

Volumes & issues:

Volume 98, Issue 1

October 1951

The effect of the Earth's magnetic field on short-wave communication by the ionosphere
The dielectric breakdown of some simple organic liquids
Application of the compensation theorem to certain radiation and propagation problems
A general theory of sampling servo systems
Pulse distortion
The relative advantages of coherent and incoherent detectors: a study of their output noise spectra under various conditions
The calculation of the magnetic field of rectangular conductors in a closed slot, and its application to the reactance of transformer windings
Design of electric wave filters with the aid of the electrolytic tank
The resistance of round-wire single-layer inductance coils
Observations on the electrical breakdown of gases at 2800 Mc/s
Rotaing H-type Adcock direction-finders for metre and decimetre wavelengths

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