Proceedings of the IEE - Part IV: Institution Monographs

Volume 101, Issue 7, August 1954

Volumes & issues:

Volume 101, Issue 7

August 1954

Transient theory of synchronous generators under unbalanced conditions
Spaced-receiver experiments on radio waves of 19-km wavelength
The design of an electrodynamic multiplier
Synthesis of ladder networks to give Butterworth or Chebyshev response in the pass band
Transmission-line estimations by combined power circle diagrams
The reflection of electromagnetic waves from a rough surface
On cavity resonators with non-homogeneous media
The zero-sequence parameters and performance of three-phase induction motors
The excitation of plane surface waves
Ray-path characteristics in the ionosphere
An absolute measurement of resistance by Albert Campbell's bridge method
Improved matrix and determinant methods for solving networks
The suppression of switching transients by a shunt RC circuit
The “unit” treatment of impedance irregularities and its application to long lines
The solution of a certain differential equation. Its usefulness in a particular application of silicon-carbide resistors

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