Proceedings of the IEE - Part III: Radio and Communication Engineering

Volume 98, Issue 56, November 1951

Volume 98, Issue 56

November 1951

The design of an omni-directional aerial system for the frequency range 225–400 Mc/s
The Sutton Coldfield television broadcasting station
The vision transmitter for the Sutton Coldfield television station
The vestigial-sideband filter for the Sutton Coldfield television station
The authors' replies to the discussion on the “Symposium of papers on the Sutton Coldfield television station”
The London-Birmingham television radio-relay link
The use of an electrostatic wattmeter for magnetic-loss measurements
The development of electrical anemometers
An electrical method of resolving true wind velocity aboard ship
Wind- and gust-measuring instruments developed for a wind-power survey
Mean-wind-velocity instruments for use on naval craft
The radar-sonde system for the measurement of upper wind and air data
An automatic frost-point hygrometer for measurements in the upper air
Some meteorological instruments used in building research

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