Proceedings of the IEE - Part III: Radio and Communication Engineering

Volume 98, Issue 54, July 1951

Volume 98, Issue 54

July 1951

Design considerations for a radiotelegraph receiving system
Radio valve life testing
Crosstalk in amplitude-modulated time-division-multiplex systems
A phase-comparison method of measuring the direction of arrival of ionospheric radio waves
The measurement of permitivity and power factor of dielectrics at frequencies from 300 to 600 Mc/s
Note on the variations of phase velocity in continuously-wound delay lines at high frequencies
The effect of the Earth's magnetic field on short-wave communication by the ionosphere
A counting-rate meter of high accuracy
An accurate logarithmic counting-rate meter covering a wide range
Scintillation counting equipments
A survey equipment using low-voltage halogen-quenched Geiger-Müller counters

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