Proceedings of the IEE - Part II: Power Engineering

Volume 98, Issue 63, June 1951

Volume 98, Issue 63

June 1951

The effect of friction on the behaviour of servo mechanisms at creep speeds
The design and performance of surge diverters for the protection of alternating-current systems
The planning of an electricity board's distribution system
Electrical control of dangerous machinery and processes. Part 2: Electrically interlocked guards on machines
The calibration of uniform-field spark-gaps in air
Correlation of data on uniform-field spark-gaps
The effect of electric stress on the life of cables incorporating a polythene dielectric
Synchronous machines with unsymmetrical loading
The measurement of interlaminar resistance of varnish-insulated silicon-steel sheet for large electrical machines
Relaxation methods applied to the problem of a.c. magnetization of ferromagnetic laminae
The influence of rectifier harmonics in a railway system on the dielectric stability of 33-kV cables
The control of hydro-electric plant

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