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Volume 9, Issue 5, May 2014

Volume 9, Issue 5

May 2014

Conversion of AgCl nanocubes to Ag/AgCl nanohybrids via solid–liquid reaction for surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection
Study of the influence between magnesium ions and calcium ions on the morphology and size of coprecipitation in microemulsion
Fabrication and characterisation of ultrafine leather powder: a functional reinforcement containing SiO2 particles
Facile synthesis of leaf-like cobalt microstructures at low temperature
Method of nanocarbon/montmorillonite powder extraction
Stability improving effect of silver diamminohydroxide precursor in green hydrothermal synthesis of silver nanoparticle colloids
Fabrication of black silicon via reactive ion etching through Cu micromask
ZnO core–shell microspheres prepared by one-pot hydrothermal reaction and their photocatalysis properties
Investigation of tip current and normal force measured simultaneously during local oxidation of titanium using dual-mode scanning probe microscopy
Repeater insertion for carbon nanotube interconnects
Fabrication of template with dual-scale structures based on glass wet etching and its application in hydrophobic surface preparation
Watercress-based gold nanoparticles: biosynthesis, mechanism of formation and study of their biocompatibility in vitro
Producing Cr2O3 nanooxide from chromite concentrates
Preparation of silica supported nanoscale zero valence iron and its feasibility in viscosity reduction of heavy oil
Innovative orderly programmable in-plane majority gates using trapezoid shape nanomagnet logic devices
Benzo-cyclo-butene bonding process with ‘stamp’ printing for wafer level package

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