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Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2014

Volume 9, Issue 2

February 2014

Three-dimensional TiO2/Bi2WO6 hierarchical heterostructure with enhanced visible photocatalytic activity
Method of carbon-based electrode analysis by conductive-atomic force microscopy
Influence of electrodeposited crystallite size on interfacial adhesion strength of electroformed layers
Accurate reliability evaluation using quantum-dot cellular automata probabilistic transfer matrix
Electrical conductive Cu/glass fibre composites prepared by electroless plating
Solvothermal synthesis, characterisation and luminescent property of multilayered SnO2 hollow microspheres
Cerium oxide nanoparticles protect primary osteoblasts against hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative damage
Carbon nanotube-supported bimetallic Pt–Fe catalysts for nitrobenzene hydrogenation
Amperometric biosensor for cholesterol based on novel nanocomposite array gold nanoparticles/acetone-extracted propolis/multiwall carbon nanotubes/gold
Fabrication of size controllable SU-8 nanochannels using nanoimprint lithography and low-pressure thermal bonding methods
Synthesis of novel CuSn10-graphite nanocomposite powders by mechanical alloying
Determination of optimal nanotube radius for single-strand deoxyribonucleic acid encapsulation
Visible light-assisted synthesis of Pt/Bi2WO6 and photocatalytic activity for ciprofloxacin
Electrothermal modelling and characterisation of submicron through-silicon carbon nanotube bundle vias for three-dimensional ICs
Assembly and copper ions detection of highly sensible and stable hydroxyapatite nanocomposite fluorescence probe
Synthesis and characterisation of AlB2 nanopowders by solid state reaction
Patterning of graphene microscale structures using electrohydrodynamic atomisation deposition of photoresist moulds
One-pot synthesis and characteristics of ZnO/Ag composites
Formation and characterisation of nanoporous TiO2 layers on microroughened titanium surfaces by electrochemical anodisation
Inverse miniemulsion copolymerisation of aniline with p-phenylenediamine

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