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Volume 8, Issue 7, July 2013

Volume 8, Issue 7

July 2013

Facile hydrothermal synthesis of ultra-long manganese oxyhydroxide nanorods and their transformation into MnO2 and Mn2O3 nanorods
Pesticide residues rapid detection in vegetables real samples based on nanomaterial-modified acetylcholinesterase biosensor
Monocrystalline silicon nanowires and nanosheets as anodes of lithium-ion battery: synthesis in mass production and low cost
Ag2O/Ag3PO4 heterostructures: highly efficient and stable visible-light-induced photocatalyst for degradation of methyl orange and phenol
Photocatalytic activity of Cu doped TiO2 nanoparticles and comparison of two main doping procedures
Synthesis and electromagnetic properties of Fe/SiO2 yolk/shell nanospheres with improved oxidation resistance
Simple ultrasonic construction of AgBr/Ag3PO4 hybrid quasi-microcube with improved visible-driven photocatalytic property
Fabrication and characterisation of functional gradient hydroxyapatite reinforced poly (ether ether ketone) biocomposites
Raman spectroscopic image analysis on micropatterned graphene
Characterisation and properties of purely acrylic latex with submicro particle size prepared with mixed surfactants of sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate and allyloxy nonylphenoxy propanol polyoxyethylene ether
Fabrication of a substrate for Ag-nanorod metal-enhanced fluorescence using the oblique angle deposition process
Effect of Ni–Co codoping on structure and electrical properties of multiferroic BiFeO3 nanoparticles
Synthesis of sheet-like nanoscaled ZnO and Ag/ZnO composite nanocrystals and their electrocatalytic properties
Facile synthesis and characterisation of hexagonal magnetite nanoplates
Small-sized silicon-on-insulator lateral insulated gate bipolar transistor for larger forward bias safe operating area and lower turnoff energy

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