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Volume 8, Issue 3, March 2013

Volume 8, Issue 3

March 2013

Surface modification of nanoparticles with octadecyl trichlorosilane and its effects on photocatalytic activity
Morphological, structural and optical properties of Al-doped ZnO nanosheet arrays influenced by pulsed electromagnetic field
SU-8 piezoresistive microcantilever with high gauge factor
Rayleigh-instability-driven dewetting of thin Au and Ag films on indium–tin-oxide surface under nanosecond laser irradiations
Synthesis and properties of multiple shell hollow SiO2@CeO2 microspheres
Non-resonant electrostatic energy harvester for wideband applications
Lift-off process of piezoelectric lead–zirconate–titanate thin film using self-assembled monolayer as sacrificial layer
Synthesis, microstructure and magnetic properties of Heusler Co2FeSn nanoparticles
Excess volume in nanocrystalline lithium-carbon system
Integrated carbon spheres on nickel foam as electrode for supercapacitors
Study on transfection of bone morphogenetic protein-2 gene into rabbit bone marrow stromal cells and composition to nanohydroxyapatite for constructing tissue engineered bones
Synthesis, characterisation and catalase-like activity of silica-coated magnetite nanoparticles modified by a Schiff base Mn complex
Surfactant-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and tribological properties of flower-like MoS2 nanostructures

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