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Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2013

Volume 8, Issue 1

January 2013

Nanoimprinting of TiO2–SiO2 photocurable materials with high titanium concentration for CF4/O2 etch selectivity
Simple process for 60 nm patterned nickel stamp replication
Investigation on structural colours in wing scales of butterfly Papilio peranthus Fabricius
Interdigitated microelectrodes biosensor with nanodot arrays for thyroid-stimulating hormone detection
Preparation of in-situ surface-modified nanosilica and its application in separating oil from water
Facile hydrothermal method to synthesise hexagonal rotor-like cerium carbonate hydroxide and CeO2 nanostructures
Tin oxide nanoparticle-modified commercial PtRu catalyst for methanol oxidation
Role of mask patterns in fabrication of Si nanotip arrays
Fe3O4–ZnWO4 hybrid microspheres: facile synthesis and magnetically recyclable photocatalytic performance
Comparative study on the freezing temperature synthesised CdSe nanoparticles before and after annealing
Dispersion and stability of tricalcium phosphate powders in polyacrylate dispersions
An AFM/STM multi-mode nanofabrication approach allowing in situ surface modification and characterisation
Electrokinetic microchip-based sample loading for surface plasmon resonance detection
Surface electrode configurations for quartz MEMS double-ended tuning fork resonator
Performance analysis of  single-walled carbon nanotube bundle interconnects for three-dimensional integration applications

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