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Online ISSN 1750-0443

Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 7, Issue 9, September 2012

Volume 7, Issue 9

September 2012

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    • N, C-codoped BiOCl flower-like hierarchical structures
      Preparation and characterisation of functional gradient nanohydroxyapatite reinforced polyvinyl alcohol gel biocomposites for articular cartilage
      Size-tunable synthesis and structure analysis of BaMnO3 nanorods
      Synthesis of high-quality CdSe quantum dots in aqueous solution
      Preparation of β-cyclodextrin-modified multi-walled CNTs and its application in capturing β-naphthol from wastewater
      Preparation of stochiometric CuInS2 nanostructures by ultrasonic method
      Facile in situ preparation of noble metal nanoparticles supported on silica
      Preparation of silver/hydroxyapatite nanoparticles using hydroxyapatite nanoparticles with different calcination temperatures
      Preparation and magnetic properties of electrospun FeCo nanofibres
      Enhanced magnetic and dielectric properties of BiFeO3/BaTiO3 core–shell nanostructure
      Protein–gold nanoparticles interactions and its application for alkaline phosphatase assay
      Preparation of carbon microstructures by thermal treatment of thermosetting/thermoplastic polymers and their application in water purification
      Preparation of nanosilver by using water-insoluble reducing agent o-phenylenediamine
      Robust controlled manipulation of nanoparticles using atomic force microscope
      Effect of high-temperature glass frit bonding process on performance of polysilicon strain gauges
      Oriented assemblies of tantalum boride nanowire bundles and their luminescent property
      Effect of NH4F concentration in electrolyte on the fabrication of TiO2 nanotube arrays prepared by anodisation
      Synthesis and enhanced gas-sensing properties of mesoporous hierarchical α-Fe2O3 architectures from an eggshell membrane
      Preparation and luminescent properties of hollow Y2O3:Tb3+ microspheres
      Direct electrochemistry and electrocatalysis of immobilised cytochrome c on electrodeposited nanoparticles for the reduction of oxygen
      Effect of sinter hardening on mechanical properties of Astaloy CrM powder metallurgy steel
      Coaxial cables with single-wall carbon nanotube outer conductors exhibiting attenuation/length within specification
      Microelectrode sensor utilising nitro-sensitive polymers for application in explosives detection
      Low-voltage puzzle-like fractal microelectromechanial system variable capacitor suppressing pull-in
      Synthesis and photoluminescence study of poly(ethylene glycol)-capped ZnS:Mn2+ nanoparticles
      Synthesis, structure and photoluminescence of cubic silicon carbide nanowires
      New Cd1−xMnxTe quantum dots for application in light-emitting diodes
      Numerical investigation and comparison with experimental characterisation of side gate p-type junctionless silicon transistor in pinch-off state
      Coupled dynamics of piezo-tube and microcantilever in scanning probe devices and sensitive samples imaging
      High-temperature hydrolytic sol–gel synthesis of monodisperse LiFe5O8 nanoparticles with high water solubility
      Analytical heat transfer model for three-dimensional integrated circuits incorporating through silicon via effect - RETRACTED

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