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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 7, Issue 5, May 2012

Volume 7, Issue 5

May 2012

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    • Fabrication and characterisation of nanostructure zinc telluride by the hydrothermal method
      Silicon optoelectronic microelectrodes with integrated oxygen sensors for brain–machine interfaces
      Optical waveguides and polarised emission of self-assembled perylenediimide-bridged silsesquioxane microtubes
      Influence of current density on the interfacial bond strength of electroformed layers
      Hydrothermal synthesis of potassium/sodium titanate nanofibres and their ultraviolet properties
      Bonding, exposing and transferring technique in SU-8 and SU-8 laser micromachining combination for 3D, free-standing and multilevel microstructures
      Highly photocatalytic activity for p-nitrophenol degradation with spinel-structured CuCr2O4
      Two-layer radio frequency MEMS fractal capacitors in PolyMUMPS for S-band applications
      Investigation of polyacrylonitrile electrospun nanofibres morphology as a function of polymer concentration, viscosity and Berry number
      Study of hydrophobic SiO2 films on enamel substrate via sol–gel process
      Cardiovascular stent design and wall shear stress distribution in coronary stented arteries
      Uncooled bimaterial cantilever for infrared detection based on resonant frequency tracking
      Synthesis of LiMnO2 porous microsphere and its electrochemical behaviour as cathode material in lithium-ion batteries
      Dimensional control of titanium dioxide nanotube arrays with hydrogen peroxide content for high photoelectrochemical water splitting performance
      Preparation of Al–Fe/TiB2 nanocomposite powder by ball milling and subsequent heat treatment
      Luminescence in Eu2+-activated microcrystalline pyrophosphor
      Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces with high adhesive forces towards water on steel substrates
      Photoluminescent and nonlinear optical properties of aqueous synthesised Cd0.6Zn0.4Te nanocrystals in different temperatures
      Facile microwave-assisted synthesis of PbS nanotubes
      Nano-hydroxyapatite/fibrin glue/recombinant human osteogenic protein-1 artificial bone for repair of bone defect in an animal model
      Sintering behaviour and electrical properties of gadolinia-doped ceria modified by addition of silicon oxide and titanium oxide
      Facile synthesis of pyroaurite-type Co–Fe layered double hydroxides for anionic dye adsorbents
      Synthesis and electrocatalytic properties for p-nitrophenol deduction of nano-scaled M3O4 (M=Fe, Co) products with different shapes
      Facile approach to ZnO nanorods by directly etching zinc substrate
      Facile synthesis and antineoplastic activity of bovine serum albumin-conjugated Ag/Ca phosphate nanocomposites
      Enhanced static magnetic properties, multiresonance behaviour and novel frequency-selective surface absorption properties of hierarchical flower-like hexagonal close-packed Co superstructures
      Alkylamine-effected formation of PVB-capped silver nanoparticles in alcohol solution at room temperature
      Design and characterisation of an inertial microswitch with electrophoretic polymer–metal composite fixed electrode for extending contact time

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