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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 7, Issue 4, April 2012

Volume 7, Issue 4

April 2012

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    • Editorial
      Temperature compensation in integrated CMOS-MEMS scanning probe microscopes
      Two-dimensional cantilever array with varying spring constants and tip radii for life-science applications
      Fabrication and characterisation of piezoelectric microcantilever probe
      Design of a compact serial-kinematic scanner for high-speed atomic force microscopy: an analytical approach
      Microcantilever with integrated light-emitting Schottky barrier avalanche breakdown diodes
      Integrated SICM-AFM-optical microscope to measure forces due to hydrostatic pressure applied to a pipette
      Low-impedance shielded tip piezoresistive probe enables portable microwave impedance microscopy
      Optimisation of nanooxide mask fabricated by atomic force microscopy nanolithography: a response surface methodology application
      Modelling of conductive atomic force microscope probes for scanning tunnelling microscope operation
      In situ quantification of electrical isolation in STM-fabricated TiOx nanostructures
      Surface chemical functionalisation of epoxy photoresist-based microcantilevers with organic-coated TiO2 nanocrystals
      Interfacing resistances in conducting probe atomic force microscopy with carbon nanotubes functionalised tips
    • Nonlinear free vibration of nanowires including size effects
      Hydrothermal synthesis of flake-like MnCO3 film under high gravity field and their thermal conversion to hierarchical Mn3O4
      Controlled synthesis of bismuth oxide microtetrahedrons and cubes by precipitation in alcohol–water systems
      Gamma radiation synthesis of plasmonic nanoparticles for dark field cell imaging
      Preparation and characterisation of ZnO nanorod array-coated hollow glass microsphere composites
      Effect of milling on the combustion synthesis of ternary system B2O3, Mg and C
      Facile fabrication and catalytic property of ‘flower-like’ silver nanoparticles
      One-step synthesis and growth process of CdS hollow spheres
      Comparative study of polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibrous membranes prepared by continuous near-field and conventional electrospinning processes
      Investigation in the corrosion behaviour of bulk nanocrystalline 316L austenitic stainless steel in NaCl solution
      Compact double-layer waveguide grating triplexer based on silicon-on-insulator

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