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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 7, Issue 3, March 2012

Volume 7, Issue 3

March 2012

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    • Functionalisation of nylon with carbon nanotubes to make thermally stable fabric and wearable capacitor
      Preparation and characterisation of hyaluronan microspheres by electrostatic field system and ultrasound atomisation system
      Facile fabrication of UV photodetector based on spatial network of tetrapod ZnO nanostructures
      Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces with hierarchical rough structures on Mg alloy substrates via chemical corrosion method
      Comparison between the experimental and theoretical electrochemical impedance for microcrystalline and nanocrystalline copper immersed in near neutral chloride solution
      Rapid route for synthesis of nano-TiO2 termed graded calcination
      Stabilisation and encapsulation of protein into biodegradable microspheres with zinc ion and protein in polyethylene glycol solution formed nanoparticles by freeze-drying
      Optical and magnetic properties of γ-Fe2O3 nanoparticles encapsulated in SBA-15 fabricated by double solvent technique
      Experimental analysis of turbulent convective heat transfer and pressure drop of Al2O3/water nanofluid in horizontal tube
      Synthesis and properties study of new rare earth sodium borates Eu3+-doped Na3Y(BO3)2
      Breakdown voltage curves in direct current discharges in molecular gases at microgaps
      Formation of porous and dense Pt/C catalyst films using electrohydrodynamic atomisation deposition
      Analyses of reinforcing effects of in situ grown CNTs on carbon fibre fabric/epoxy composites at micro- and macroscale
      Using UV roll-to-plate imprint lithography to fabricate light guide plates with microdot patterns
      Preparation and characterisation of nano-ATO colloid suspension
      Optical characteristics of an Al/nano-SiO2/n-type Si MOS photodetector by using spin-coating deposited oxide
      Characterisation and evaluation of self-microemulsifying drug delivery system of Brucea javanica oil
      Electrode deterioration processes in lithium ion capacitors monitored by in situ X-ray radiography on micrometre scale
      Fabrication of carbons dendritic hierarchical structure via easy copper substrate-induced solvothermal process at low temperature
      Luminescence properties of micro Ca3Al2O6:Dy3+ phosphor
      Fe- and Fe3C-filled carbon nanotube-aligned arrays and flower-like carbon nanostructured clusters with a high coercivity
      Effect of interface roughness and polarisation on the optical losses of porous silicon-based waveguides
      Amplitude response of a unilaterally constrained nonlinear micromechanical resonator
      Simple and facile synthesis of Ag2CrO4 and Ag2Cr2O7 micro/nanostructures using a silver precursor
      Hollow YPO4:Eu3+ microspheres: synthesis, characterisation and luminescent properties
      Synthesis and photocatalytic property of ZnSe nanonetwork microspheres

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