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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2012

Volume 7, Issue 10

October 2012

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    • Preparation of bio-polymeric nanoparticles by electrostatic field system
      Molecular dynamics simulation of the behaviour of the charged nanodroplet in electrospray
      Microfocal lens for energy-assisted magnetic recording technology
      MOD growth of epitaxial cerium oxide buffer layer on LAO substrates for fabrication of c-axis oriented YBCO
      Preparation and characterisation of biopolymeric volvox-like spheres: a feasibility study
      CuO-nanoparticle-induced controlled synthesis of various Pt nanostructures and their shape-dependent catalytic properties in oxidisation of methanol
      Synthesis of 3D flower-like Cd3P2 microstructures and their optical properties
      Synthesis of ribonuclease A-conjugated CdS quantum dots and its photocatalytic properties
      Electrochromic properties of nanoporous Co3O4 thin films prepared by electrodeposition method
      Aluminium nitride/nanodiamond structures for high-frequency surface acoustic wave nanotransducers
      Fabrication of size-tunable hierarchical porous Cr nanoring arrays by modified nanosphere lithography
      Method for fabricating nanostructures via nanotemplates using dip-pen nanolithography
      Dendritic and flowerlike Ni–Co alloy microstructures: a comparison study of their catalytic activities
      Shape-controlled cluster growth of ZnO nanoflowers using sol–gel method
      Molecular dynamics simulation of electro-osmotic flow in a nanonozzle
      Field-emission property of ZnSe nanoarrays
      Fabrication of size-tunable Cr nanodots and nanorings array by modified nanosphere lithography
      Adsorption behaviour of methylene blue on carbon nanoparticles
      Synthesis of carbon nanotube/ZnO nanocomposites using absorbent cotton and their photocatalytic activity
      Facile and rapid preparation of ultramicrocellular polystyrene using voided nanoparticles
      Synthesis of high specific surface area Cr2O3 nanopowder
      Controlled hydrothermal synthesis of three-dimensional FeSe2 rod clusters

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