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Online ISSN 1750-0443

Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 6, Issue 8, August 2011

Volume 6, Issue 8

August 2011

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    • UV emission from left-handed material through second harmonic generation: optical nanoantenna and imaging application
      Enhanced efficiency in dye-sensitised solar cells using a TiO2-based sandwiched film as photoanode
      Tunable bandgap opening in the proposed structure of silicon-doped graphene
      Sensitivity analysis of the nanoparticles on substrates using the atomic force microscope with rectangular and V-shaped cantilevers
      Electrochemical depositions of palladium on indium tin oxide-coated glass and their possible application in organic electronics technology
      Growth of single-crystalline ultra-long cadmium telluride micron-size wires via thermal evaporation
      Mycosynthesis of selenium nanoparticles
      Use of environmental scanning electron microscopy for in situ observation of interaction of cells with micro- and nanoprobes
      Functionalised zinc oxide nanotube arrays as electrochemical sensors for the selective determination of glucose
      Synthesis and chemical properties of Y2O2S:Eu3+ nanostructures using composite-hydroxide-mediated method
      Biological sensitivity to self-assembled nanomatrix platforms depends on the phenotype of MIN6 β-cells
      Synthesis and X-ray responsivity of Zn0.75Cd0.25Te nanoribbons
      Interfacial effects and microstructure development in the PP/PP-g-MA/diamine-modified nanoclay nanocomposite
      Solution growth and optical property of ZnS/ZnO microspheres
      Fast and robust magnetic quantum cellular automata interconnect architectures
      Fabrication of Cu2(OH)2CO3 and CuO particles: from spindle to nanorod, nanoribbon and hollow structure
      Low-loss silicon-based hybrid plasmonic waveguide with an air nanotrench for sub-wavelength mode confinement
      Synthesis of neutral SiO2/TiO2 hydrosol and its photocatalytic degradation of nitric oxide gas
      Effect of catalyst layer on morphology and optical properties of zinc-oxide nanostructures fabricated by carbothermal evaporation method
      Influence of silver nitrate concentration on the properties of silver nanoparticles
      Shape-controlled synthesis of SrNb2O6 crystallites by an electrochemical process assisted with surfactants
      Microresonator antenna for biosensing applications
      Synthesising of ZnO nanopetals for supercapacitor applications
      Synthesis of mesoporous magnesium silicate particles and their adsorption property
      Anatase nanocrystals with {103} and {112} facets by hydrothermal transformation of titanate nanotubes
      Microfabrication of dual-opposite electrodes inside a microchannel by means of multiphase laminar flow with density difference
      Cross-sectional shape effect of a diffuser micropump on flow rates
      High-quality nano spin-oxide for possible applications in metal–oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor
      Silicon-based biosensor functionalised with carbon nanotubes to investigate neuronal electrical activity in pH-stimulated environment: a modelling approach
      High-sensitivity differential scanning calorimetry for measurement of steroid entrapment in nebulised liposomes generated from proliposomes
      Thermoelastic damping of a double-walled carbon nanotube under electrostatic force
      Functionalisation of aligned carbon nanotubes with nitric acid vapour
      Comparative study on the formation mechanism of graphene oxide-derived carbon/Pd composites
      Ion exchange behaviour of silver-doped apatite micro- and nanoparticles as antibacterial biomaterial
      K2Mo4O13 nanobelts: synthesis and properties
      Enhanced microwave absorption properties of Fe nanotubes fabricated by a facile gas bubble-engaged assembly technique
      Enhancement in the optical transmittance of ZnO:Al powders by Si co-doping
      Core/shell Y(OH)CO3:Eu3+/YBO3:Eu3+ phosphors with sphericity, submicrometre size and non-aggregation characteristics
      Efficient field emission and optical properties of In-doped cadmium sulphide nanopens and nanopencils
      Spindle-like TiO2 with high crystallinity and its application in dye sensitised solar cell

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