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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2011

Volume 6, Issue 7

July 2011

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    • Editorial
      Fabrication of two-point-supported annular microresonators with vertical transducer gaps
      Influence of thickness on structural and optical properties of evaporated tin sulphide films
      Optimisation and fabrication of low-stress, low-temperature silicon oxide cantilevers
      Glass-based integrated capacitive sensors for detection of the neurotransmitter dopamine
      Micromachined inertial measurement unit fabricated by a SOI process with selective roughening under structures
      Silicon probe for micromachined surface profilers
      Effect of sol–gel composition ratio and laser power on phase transformation of crystalline titanium dioxide under CO2 laser annealing
      KOH anisotropic etching of Si wafers for light-emitting diode electrode arrays
      Design and fabrication of coplanar waveguide probes for single-cell impedance measurement using radio frequency
      Low cross-axis sensitivity micro-gravity microelectromechanical system sandwich capacitance accelerometer
      Light modulation of nanostructured alumina anodic oxide thin film on sapphire
      Z-axis differential silicon-on-insulator resonant accelerometer with high sensitivity
      Design and fabrication of long-focal-length microlens arrays for Shack–Hartmann wavefront sensors
      Relationship between the size of SiO2 nanospheres and the structure colour
      Tunable structural colour on the basis of colloidal crystal
      Thermal switch design by using complementary metal–oxide semiconductor MEMS fabrication process
      Magnetic mesa-structure array for ensemble detection applications of nuclear spins
      Development of low-cost poly(vinyldifluoride) sensor for low-pressure application
      Characterisation of a suspended nanowire channel thin-film transistor with sub-100 nm air gap
      Air-bridge-type electrodes for high-efficiency photovoltaic cell
      Design, fabrication and actuation of four-axis thermal actuating image stabiliser
      Optimal materials and process conditions of functional layers for piezoelectric MEMS process at high temperature
      Thermally evaporated SnS:Cu thin films for solar cells
      Direct growth of copper nanowires on a substrate for boiling applications
      Improved organic rectifier using polymethyl-methacrylate-poly 4-vinylphenol double layer
      Optimising the performance of optical data storage drives based on a novel seesaw–swivel actuator for a holographic module

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