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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 6, Issue 6, June 2011

Volume 6, Issue 6

June 2011

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    • Visual detection of barium ions using tiopronin functionalised gold nanoparticles
      Plasmon resonance tuning of gold and silver nanoparticle-insulator multilayered composite structures for optical filters
      Facile synthesis of GdPO4:Eu3+ hierarchical hollow spheres via chemical conversion
      Magnetic poly (styrene/divinylbenzene/acrylic acid)-based hybrid microspheres for bio-molecular recognition
      Characteristics of signal propagation in magnetic quantum cellular automata circuits
      Synthesis, characterisation and magnetic/electrical properties of the magnesium-doped Li–Zn nanoferrites
      Pneumatically actuated positive gain microvalve with n-channel metal-oxide semiconductor-like behaviour
      New 3D SAR micromixer based on 2D standard photolithographic technique
      Computational fluid dynamics modelling on flow characteristics of two-phase flow in micro-channels
      Synthesis of Ni–SiO2 composite microspheres in situ in ethylene glycol
      Design of a ternary static memory cell using carbon nanotube-based transistors
      SiGe nanocrystals core and surface electronic structure from ab initio large unit cell calculations
      Modification of nanostructured mixed hexaferrite using a polyethylene glycol template
      Accurate quantification of the Purcell effect in the presence of a dielectric microdisk of nanoscale thickness
      Investigation of adhesion properties between SU-8 photoresist and stainless steel substrate
      Comparison of corrosion resistance of nanostructured copper produced in vacuum and electrolytic solution in neutral chloride media
      Simple process to fabricate a superhydrophobic coating
      Simulation of electrospun nanofibre deposition on stationary and moving substrates
      Hybrid finite-element method–molecular dynamics approach for modelling of non-contact atomic force microscopy imaging
      Microfluidic-assisted formation of multifunctional monodisperse microbubbles for diagnostics and therapeutics
      Study of fluorinated silicon-based resist material and photoreactive underlayer for defect reduction in step and repeat ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography
      Comparison of the curvature homogeneity and dynamic behaviour of framed and frameless electrostatic X/Y scanning micromirrors
      Relation between conductance, photoluminescence bands and structure of ITO nanoparticles prepared by various chemical methods
      Controlled synthesis of hempflower-like Fe2O3 microspheres applied on the water treatment
      Electron irradiation effect on the Schottky gate of ZnO nanowires-based field effect transistors
      Elaboration of alumina nanowire field normal to a generic substrate
      Thermal-stability and compressive properties of one boron nitride nanotube embedded in another carbon tube
      Wetting of nanostructured germanium electrodes by polyethylene oxide
      Chemical reduction route towards fabrication of four-fold shape Ce(OH)CO3 dendrites
      Synthesis of gold nanostructures using Langmuir monolayers of ionic liquid-type Gemini imidazolium surfactants
      Synthesis of p-type ZnSe nanowires by atmosphere compensating technique
      Molecular motion, morphology and properties of 3-isocyanato-propyltriethoxysilane-modified multi-walled carbon nanotube/epoxy composites

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