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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 5, Issue 5, October 2010

Volume 5, Issue 5

October 2010

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    • Modelling interaction of atoms and ions with graphene
      Synthesis of gear-shaped ZnO microwires by chemical vapour deposition
      Comprehensive analysis of the deposition caused by scattered Ga ions during focused ion-beam-induced deposition
      Analytical model of squeeze film damping for microelectromechanical systems structures with anti-stiction raised strips
      Studying the influence of nano-Al2O3 particles on morphology and corrosion improvement of Ni–9%P electroless coatings
      CMOS compatible electrochemical process for improving quality factor of spiral microinductors
      Green chemistry synthesis of gold nanoparticles using lactic acid as a reducing agent
      Charge transport in nanocrystal wires created by direct electron beam writing
      Template synthesis of β-Ni(OH)2 hollow microspheres through a hydrothermal process
      Surface functionalisation of magnetic nanoparticles: quantification of surface to bulk amine density
      Molecular dynamics study of ‘success evaluation’ for metallic nanoparticles manipulation on gold substrate
      Encapsulation of methane in nanotube bundles
      Inkjet printing of palladium alkanethiolates for facile fabrication of metal interconnects and surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates
      Analysis of manufacturing variation in a coupled microresonators array based on its designed values and measured eigenfrequencies
      Rapid, sensitive and selective detection of pymetrozine using gold nanoparticles as colourimetric probes
      Electromechanical property characterisation of three-dimensional helical nanobelts by in situ gold nanoink soldering
      Synthesis of polyaniline microrods with high microwave absorption behaviours
      Preparation of Pd-containing TiO2 film and its photocatalytic properties
      Deposition of conductivity-switching polyimide film by molecular layer deposition and electrical modification using scanning probe microscope
      Aspect ratio and dimension effects on nanorod manipulation by atomic force microscope
      Quasi-static modelling of carbon nanotube interconnects for gigahertz applications
      Integration of polydimethylsiloxane membranes in SU-8 structures
      Catalytic growth of cubic phase ZnO nanowires with jagged surface
      One-step synthesis of new blue-emitting Li2Sr2Al2PO4F9:Eu2+ nanophosphor
      ‘Plasmonic fibres’ and applications in liquid-level sensors
      Random surface roughness effect on slider microbearing lubrication
      Fabrication and characterisation of hollow carbon/anatase titania
      Synthesis, characterisation and dispersion of zinc oxide nanorods for biomedical applications

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