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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2010

Volume 5, Issue 4

August 2010

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    • Influence of different preparation methods on crystallisation and morphology of Fe2O3 nanoparticles
      Template-free synthesis of α-Fe2O3 microcubes and their magnetic property
      Compact nanostructure integrated pool boiler for microscale cooling applications
      Investigation of electrocatalytic function of Co3O4 flower-like structures and application as uric acid sensor
      Fabric tactile sensor composed of ball-shaped umbonal fibre for detecting normal and lateral force
      Solution of Euler–Bernoulli equation using a semi-analytical technique for steady-state deflection of microelectromechanical cantilever under electrostatic actuation
      On the thermally conductive behaviour of compacted graphite nanosheets
      Preparation and size control of cerium(IV) oxide ultrafine nanoparticles
      Numerical studies on deformation and adhesion behaviour of substrate during nanoindentation
      Template-free hydrothermal synthesis and characterisation of single crystalline Ce(OH)CO3 and CeO2 with spindle-like structures
      Simple approach to fabricate AgBr nanoparticles/polyvinylpyrrolidone microspheres
      Swelling properties of nano-hydroxyapatite reinforced poly(vinyl alcohol) gel biocomposites
      Synthesis and characterisations of poly(aniline-co-o/m-toluidine)/Sb2O3 nanocomposites

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