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Micro & Nano Letters

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2009

Volume 4, Issue 1

March 2009

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    • Carbon nanofibres from diamond film using Ar-ion bombardment and their field emission property
      Surface texturing for Maxwell–Wagner polarisation engineering
      Dynamic characteristics of micro-optothermal expansion and optothermal microactuators
      Design and performance analysis of a nanoscaled inverter based on wrap-around-gate nanowire MOSFETs
      Fabrication of arrays of carbon micro- and nanostructures via electrochemical etching
      Assembly of multi-functional nanocomponents on periodic nanotube array for biosensors
      Process flow improvement on a bulk micromachined gyroscope
      Dynamical transportation of Si particles produced by pulsed laser ablation in the mixture of two inert gases
      Dynamics of liquid meniscus bridge of a vibrating disk: consideration of flow rheology
      Co3O4 mono-dispersed nanoparticle solubility in high-purity water
      Microfabrication of ultra-long reinforced silicon neural electrodes
      Porous MgO film grown on sapphire by pulsed-laser deposition
      Fabrication of carbon nanomaterials by atmospheric pressure microplasma

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