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Volume 15, Issue 15, 30 December 2020

Volume 15, Issue 15

30 December 2020

Cu2O hollow microspheres as electrode materials for non-enzymatic electrochemical detection of glucose
Preparation of functionalised UiO-66 metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) nanoparticles using deep eutectic solvents as a benign medium
Design, takeoff and steering torques modulation of an 80-mg insect-scale flapping-wing robot
Pyramid textured Si{100} surface with low reflectivity in CMOS compatible solution
Fabrication and photocatalytic performance of C, Pt-comodified TiO2 nanotubes
Turning waste makeup cotton to a hollow structured carbon as anode for high-performance lithium ions batteries
Rapid and sensitive detection of neotame in instant grain beverages by paper-based silver nanoparticles substrates
Functionalisation of MWCNTs with piperazine and dopamine derivatives and their potential antibacterial activity
In-situ seeding synthesis of walnut kernel-like Ag nanostructures with highly efficient SERS performance
Large area fabrication of high aspect ratio nano-cylinders on micro-pillars based on a colloidal crystal mask
Solvothermal synthesis and characterisation of doped TiO2 nanocrystals for light scattering applications
Enhanced efficient and sensitive SERS sensing via controlled Ag-nanoparticle-decorated 3D flower-like ZnO hierarchical microstructure
Investigation of photocatalytic activity of Ag-rutile heterojunctions
Escherichia coli DH5α functionalised magnetite nanoparticles applied for the magnetic extraction of bacteriophages
Friction measurement and motion state determination of a single polystyrene nanoparticle during manipulation
On-chip test method for in-situ evaluating the impact resistance reliability of silicon microbeams
Study on preparation and structure of chrysanthemum-shaped micron calcium carbonate based on inverse microemulsion
Synthesis and investigation of dielectric properties of nanoceramic composite material for microwave applications
Facile precipitation synthesis of extraordinary visible-light-driven BiOXs photocatalyst
Image reconstruction of TGZ3 grating by eliminating tip-sample convolution effect in AFM

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