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Volume 14, Issue 4, 03 April 2019

Volume 14, Issue 4

03 April 2019

Facile fabrication of ZrO2@[email protected] nanohybrids and their application for light diffusing films
Application of β-CD/HA composite as a potential SD carrier to improve the dissolution of curcumin
Salicylic acid-sensitised titanium dioxide for photocatalytic degradation of fast green FCF under visible light irradiation
Controlled synthesis of Ag3PO4 microparticles with different morphologies and their photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B under white light-emitting diode irradiation
Acorus calamus gold nanoparticles as enhanced anti-microbial agents for transdermal patches
Green fabrication of SH-modified GO composite for heavy metal ions removal in aqueous solution
Superlattice-like Zn15Sb85/Ga30Sb70 thin films for low power and ultrafast phase change memory application
Deep insights into electrical parameters due to metal gate WFV for different gate oxide thickness in Si step FinFET
Controlled electrophoretic deposition of electrochemically exfoliated graphene sheets on Ag nanowires network
Mussel-inspired green synthesis of Ag-coated polydopamine microspheres for selective antibacterial performance
Modelling and analysis of temperature-dependent carrier lifetime and surface recombination velocity of Si–ZnO heterojunction thin film solar cell
Approach to the preparation of temperature-sensitive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/polyethylenimine microgel
Effect of different carbon supporter on the Ni/C catalyst for water oxidation
Effects of persistence time and Au catalyst on the morphology and optical properties of ZnO micro/nanostructures
Facile synthesis of novel ultrathin α-MoO3 square nanosheets with excellent adsorptive capacity and photocatalytic performance for efficient treatment of Rhodamine B
Improving breakdown performance for SOI LDMOS with sidewall field plate
Synergy of surface textures on a hydraulic cylinder piston
Synthesis of submicrometre Cu particles via a reduction in triethanolamine solvent
Preparation of a SiO2-covered amorphous CoFeSiB microwire and study on the current amplitude effect on the transverse giant magnetoimpedance
Preparation of CQDs with hydroxyl function for Fe3+ detection
Preparation and structural characterisation of magnetic NiFe2O4@[email protected] nanocompound with antibacterial property
Design structure of tunnel FET by combining thermionic emission with tunneling phenomenon
Hydrothermal synthesis of novel Ni microflowers with enhanced ferromagnetic properties
Orderly deposition of multi-layer nanofibrous membrane by electrohydrodynamic direct writing
Two-dimensional functionalised methacrylated graphene oxide nanosheets as simple and inexpensive electrodes for biosensing applications

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