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Volume 14, Issue 10, 04 September 2019

Volume 14, Issue 10

04 September 2019

Simulation study on piezoelectric characteristics of two-dimensional ZnO nanodiscs
Approach to suppress the ambipolar current conduction and improve radiofrequency performance in polarity control electrically doped hetero TFET
Antioxidant activity and antifungal fractional inhibitory concentration indices of zinc oxide nanoparticles in combination with carbendazim, mancozeb, and thiram
Role of a nanoparticle on ultrasonic cavitation in nanofluids
Jigsaw electrode design for electrowetting devices
Thin-film transistors based on wide bandgap Ga2O3 films grown by aqueous-solution spin-coating method
Passive diamagnetic contactless suspension rotor with electrostatic glass motor
Approach for fabricating JLT using chemically deposited cadmium sulphide and titanium dioxide
Gas sensor array assisted with UV illumination for discriminating several analytes at room temperature
Green biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles by Lilium casa blanca petals and evaluation of catalytic activity
Efficiency enhancement of perovskite solar cell by modifying the TiO2 with Ag/TiO2 core–shell nanowires
Correlation between the formation of particle defects on sputtered Cu seed layers and Cu targets
Metal-assisted chemical etching for realisation of deep silicon microstructures
Enhancement in corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity of hydrophobic-treated CP by PTFE emulsion containing TiN NPs
Si/SiC heterojunction lateral double-diffused metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor with breakdown point transfer (BPT) terminal technology
Titanium-based nanoscale cross-linker for guar gum fracturing fluid: effects on rheological behaviour and proppant-carrying ability
Deregulation of BCL2 family genes in glioblastoma cells consequent to poly(butyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles treatment
Negative capacitance δ-bulk planar junctionless transistor for low power applications
Fabrication of folate-phytosterol-carboxymethyl cellulose nanoparticles derived from plant material as carrier of anticancer drug
Investigation of Bragg gratings in planar hybrid metal–insulator–metal plasmonic waveguide using graded profile

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