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Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2018

Volume 13, Issue 9

September 2018

Biomedical applications of aluminium oxide nanoparticles
Eliminate the transmission feedthrough of thermal-piezoresistive I2-BAR MEMS resonators based on reverse-biased PN junction
AgNPs uniformly doped onto PVA microspheres for optical recognition application
Synthesis of low shrinkage monolith alumina aerogels by surface modification and ambient pressure drying
Single-mask fabrication of micro-probe electrode array with various tip heights and sharpness using isotropic and anisotropic etching
Characteristics of signal propagation in multiferroic majority logic gates subjected to thermal noise
Electromagnetic interference shielding properties of graphene/MWCNT hybrid buckypaper
GaN LEDs fabricated using SF6 plasma RIE
Graphite carbon coated TiN nanoparticles as high durable oxygen reduction reaction catalyst in alkaline electrolyte
Tunable surface plasma resonance of gold nanorods superstructure and their SERS properties
Facile one-step synthesis of SnS2 nanoscale hollow spheres for enhanced lithium-ion storage performance as anode
Label-free immunosensor based on interdigitated electrodes with Ni–Co nanowires
Tunable hybrid metal–graphene frequency selective surfaces based on split-ring resonators by leapfrog ADI-FDTD method
Understanding the performance of corona aged epoxy nano micro composites
Synthesis and characterisation of polymer containing dye-affinity ligand grafted to magnetic nanoparticles for enteric insulin delivery
Numerical analysis of film-loaded silicon nanowire optical rectangular waveguide: an effective optical sensing
Facile and low-cost fabrication of uniform silicon micro/nanostructures by nanopitting-assisted wet chemical etching
Rapid prototyping of PET microfluidic chips by laser ablation and water-soaking bonding method
Applied magnetic field effect on core mode properties of MFPCF
Reduction of 2-nitrophenol using a hybrid C–Ni nanocomposite as a catalyst
Preparation of γ-alumina/silica core–shell abrasives and their chemical mechanical polishing performances on sapphire substrates
Encapsulation of supported g-C3N4/Au with metal–organic frameworks for enhanced stability towards photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Molybdenum gratings as a high-temperature refractory platform for plasmonic heat generators in the infrared
Polypeptide-based amphiphilic brush copolymers as unimolecular micelles: synthesis, characterisation, and encapsulation study
Modulation of electronic conductivity and bandgap of electrochemically polymerised polycarbazole films using montmorillonite, multi-walled carbon nanotube and reduced graphene oxide as nanofillers
Synthesis of LaTb x O y :Eu3+ nanowire arrays and study of performances on fluorescence enhancement and red shift
Fabrication of microparabolic reflector for infrared antenna coupled detectors
High-reflection optical thin films based on SiO2/TiO2 nanoparticles multilayers by dip coating
Development of in-flow label-free single molecule sensors using planar solid-state nanopore integrated microfluidic devices
AgCl/AgIO4 composites as an efficient photocatalyst for visible-light-driven degradation of rhodamine B
Core–shell-type polymer–lipid nanoparticles for the transdermal delivery of daidzein

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