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Volume 13, Issue 8, August 2018

Volume 13, Issue 8

August 2018

Characterisation and structure analysis of taxanes-loaded human serum albumin nanoparticles prepared by self-assembly method
Electro-mechanical properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene) reinforced with zinc oxide nanostructure
Fog collection on a conical copper wire: effect of fog flow velocity and surface morphology
Synthesis of monodisperse α-Al2O3 nanoparticles by a salt microemulsion method
Multi-contact radiofrequency microelectromechanical systems switch with power divider/combiner structure for high power applications
Non-enzymatic continuous glucose monitoring system
Effective improvement in the etching characteristics of Si{110} in low concentration TMAH solution
Effect of PEI surface modification with PEG on cytotoxicity and transfection efficiency
Degradation induced by hot carrier and cold carrier in 65-nm NMOSFETs with enclosed gate and two-edged gate layouts
Facile synthesis of nano-structured SnO2 films and their properties in ethanol gas sensing
Numerical study of chip cooling with internal nanofluid in minichannels and external air flow over sink with laminar regimes
Effect of incorporation of highly-ordered a-Ge:H nanoparticles on the performance of perovskite solar cells
Cost-effective chemical solution synthesis of bismuth telluride nanostructure for thermoelectric applications
3D multilayered Bi4O5Br2 nanoshells displaying excellent visible light photocatalytic degradation behaviour for resorcinol
Fabrication and characterisation of new type of magnetic nanoanion exchanger particles for enteric losartan potassium delivery
Preparation, properties and characterisation of microemulsion PCM slurry
Electrochemical etching of lightweight nanotips for high quality-factor quartz tuning fork force sensor: atomic force microscopy applications
Synthesis of magnetite (Fe3O4)–Avastin nanocomposite as a potential drug for AMD treatment
Effects of vacancy defects location on thermal conductivity of silicon nanowire: a molecular dynamics study
Negative bias temperature instability in SOI-like p-type metal oxide semiconductor devices
Gram + ve bacterium Staphylococcus aureus: a potential source for the green biosynthesis of monodispersed, smaller selenium nanoparticles
Influence of electric brush-plating voltage on hydrophobic behaviour of a cauliflower-like Ni coating surface
Performance investigation of a semi-junctionless type II heterojunction tunnel field effect transistor in nanoscale regime
Hysteresis modelling and feedforward compensation of piezoelectric nanopositioning stage with a modified Bouc-Wen model
Dual-detection-window fluorescence probe for ultra-sensitive determination of Pb2+ based on emission-tunable B and N co-doped carbon dots
Facile one-step hydrothermal syntheses of graphene oxide–MnO2 composite and their application in removing heavy metal ions
QE of cadmium sulphide QD photodetectors
Cu-doped CdS QDs for sensitisation in solar cell
Examination of the impingement of interface trap charges on heterogeneous gate dielectric dual material control gate tunnel field effect transistor for the refinement of device reliability
Experimental investigation on the viscosity of hybrid nanofluids made of two kinds of nanoparticles mixed in engine oil
Effect of silane coating containing SiC nanoparticles on the corrosion behaviour of stainless steel 304
One-step combustion synthesis porous amorphous NiO/C/CNTs composite for high-performance supercapacitors
Microstructural behaviour and flowing ability of self-compacting concrete using micro- and nano-silica
One-step synthesis of amino-functionalised magnetic mesoporous silica and synergistic adsorption kinetics of tetracycline and copper
Dye-sensitised solar cell utilising gold doped reduced graphene oxide counter electrode: influence of annealing time

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