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Volume 13, Issue 7, July 2018

Volume 13, Issue 7

July 2018

Optical absorption theoretical analysis for thin film crystalline silicon solar cells fabricated on the hexagonal close-packed dome arrays
Reversible lossless manipulation of water droplets with large-range volume
Synthesis, characterisation, and evaluation of core–shell Fe3O4/SiO2/polypyrrole composite nanoparticles
Facile synthesis of TiO2 hollow spheres via aerosol-assisted spray drying for photocatalysis
Manual control of optical tweezer switching for particle trapping and injection
Li4Ti5O12/Ti4O7/carbon nanotubes composite anode material for lithium-ion batteries
t-ZrO2 prepared by a novel zirconium oxalate synthesised solvothermally
Fabrication of large-scale Ag micro/nanostructures using electrochemical migration
Effect of surfactant type on buckypaper electrochemical performance
Carbon composite coatings on Ti for corrosion protection as bipolar plates of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Photophysical performances and morphology of phosphorescent electrospun fibres fabricated from iridium complex/PMMA blends
Preparation of anti-corrosive high-conductivity copper–graphene composite film
Pressureless densification and properties of TiB2–B4C composite ceramics with Ni as additives
Alternating and semicontinuous chemical reduction method for high production of silver nanoparticles
Multistep synthesis of AgBr quantum dots coupled porous BiOBr spheres for enhanced photocatalysis
Spectroscopic-ellipsometry measurement of the optical properties of zinc oxide thin films prepared by sol–gel method: coating speed effect
Enhancing the delay performance of junctionless silicon nanotube based 6T SRAM
Fabrication and application of porous [email protected]/PC composite as an efficient green heterogeneous catalyst for Suzuki cross-coupling reaction
Structure, magnetic and microwave studies of mechanically alloyed powders Fe45Ni35Co20
Synthesis and characterisation of Fe3O4 at MPTMS at Au nanocomposite by sol–gel method for the removal of methylene blue
Controllable synthesis of cuprite (Cu2O) microcrystals and their shape-dependent photocatalytic performances
Fabrication and modal characterisation of large-area polymer membranes for acoustic micro-electromechanical systems devices
Self-assembled 3D NiCo2S4 nanotubes-graphene aerogel composites as an excellent anode for Li-ion batteries
Preparation of microencapsulated phase change materials based on expanded polystyrene foam wastes
Friction performance and optimisation of diamond-like texture on hydraulic cylinder surface
Effect of gate dielectric on electrical parameters due to metal gate WFV in n-channel Si step FinFET
Durable antibacterial and hydrophobic polyester fibres and wearable textiles
Effect of calcination temperature on the structure and photocatalytic performance of BiVO4 prepared via an improved solution combustion method
Nano-Bi2MoO6/calcined mussel shell composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance under visible-light irradiation
Microstructure and dynamic mechanical properties of magnetorheological elastomer based on ethylene/acrylic elastomer prepared using different manufacturing methods
Free longitudinal vibration of a nanorod with elastic spring boundary conditions made of functionally graded material
Investigation on preparation and formation mechanism of copper antimony sulphide particles by microwave irradiation
Facile synthesis of Bi decorated 2D and 3D BiOBr micro-nanostructures with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Design and analysis of hairpin piezoresistive pressure sensor with improved linearity using square and circular diaphragms
Fabrication of seamless roller mould with smooth surface microstructures by rotation lithography and reflow process

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