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Volume 13, Issue 5, May 2018

Volume 13, Issue 5

May 2018

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Preparation of silver/chemically reduced graphene composite for flexible printed circuits
Fabrication and characterisation of the dye-sensitised solar cells with the mixture of one-dimension TiO2 nanorods and graphite nanosheets as the mesoporous scafford
Facile synthesis of hollow microspherical YPO4: Eu3+/Tb3+ using polystyrene spheres as sacrificial template and its photoluminescent properties
Carbonised composite materials based on elastomers filled with carbon nanofillers
Green approach for the synthesis of carboxycoumarins by using a highly active magnetically recyclable nanobiocomposite via sustainable catalysis
Torsional vibration analysis of nanorods with elastic torsional restraints using non-local elasticity theory
Effect of tensile strain on the band structure and carrier transport of germanium monosulphide monolayer: a first-principles study
Ordered mesoporous silicon doped with HPMo-SiO2 solid phase extraction of trace Pb prior to flame atomic absorption spectrometry determination
Nano3YSZ electrophoretic deposition from acetylacetone + ethanol solvent on the surface of AZ91 magnesium alloy
Thermophysical properties of CNT and CNT/Al2O3 hybrid nanofluid
Facile synthesis and photocatalytic performance of flower-like Ag/ZnO nanocomposites
Suppression of ambipolar conduction and investigation of RF performance characteristics of gate-drain underlap SiGe Schottky barrier field effect transistor
Tunable THz perfect absorber with two absorption peaks based on graphene microribbons
Preparation and characterisation of ginkgolide nanoparticles via the emulsion solvent evaporation method
Adsorption of toluene vapours on micro–meso hierarchical porous carbon
Efficient photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by using GO/hemin/TiO2 nanocomposite under visible irradiation
Preparation and thermoelectric properties of PANI matrix graphene composite material
Low Pr-doped Bi2O3 photocatalyst with long-wavelength response: mechanisms by first-principles calculation
Synthesis of SiO2@PAA microspheres and their application for controlling diisooctyl terephthalate migration from flexible PVC materials
Facile synthesis of SiO2@TiO2 hybrid NPs with improved photocatalytic performance
Intercalation pseudocapacitance of expanded graphite in sodium-ion capacitors
Trapping and scattering effect of charge carriers on impulse breakdown characteristics of nano-fluids
Etched Al0.32Ga0.68N/GaN HEMTs with high output current and breakdown voltage (>600 V)
High sensitivity vanadium–vanadium pentoxide–aluminium metal–insulator–metal diode
Approach to suppress ambipolarity and improve RF and linearity performances on ED-Tunnel FET
Effect of varying Indium concentration of InGaAs channel on device and circuit performance of nanoscale double gate heterostructure MOSFET
Double trenches LDMOS with trapezoidal gate
Synthesis and characterisation of fluorescent and biocompatible hydroxyapatite nanoparticles with cerium doping
Tracking of square reference signals using internal model-based LQG robust controller for positioning of a micro-electro-mechanical systems micromirror
Biocompatibility and bioactivity behaviour of coelectrospun silk fibroin-hydroxyapatite nanofibres using formic acid
Simple, repeatable and low-cost SERS fibre probe for fluorochrome detection
Synergistic effect of surface phase junction and surface defects on enhancing the photocatalytic performance of BiPO4
Synthesis of porous silica materials with tunable morphologies and nanopore sizes using heterogemini surfactants
4-aminobenzensulphonate-assisted enhanced hydrophily of carbon nanotubes and simultaneous uniform dispersion of PtRu nanoparticles

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