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Volume 13, Issue 12, December 2018

Volume 13, Issue 12

December 2018

Synthesis of Sn-doped ZnO hierarchical particles and their gas-sensing properties
Preparation and surface modification of magnesium hydroxide in a cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide/isopropanol/cyclohexane/water microemulsion
Effect of ethylene glycol as solvent on the composition and morphology of nickel phosphide
Reliability improvements in SOI-like MOSFET with ESD and self-heating effect
Impact of gate material engineering on ED-TFET for improving DC/analogue-RF/linearity performances
Preyssler-based nanocomposite as a magnetic photocatalyst: synthesis, characterisation and its photocatalytic activity for decolourisation of rhodamine B
AM of three-dimensional spongy microstructures for a piezoelectric sprayer
Synthesis, characterisation, and antimicrobial activity of ZnO-based nanocomposites
Physics-based capacitance model of Gate-on-Source/Channel SOI TFET
Realisation of one-dimensional (Si/SiO2) N PC filter in visible light band
Design, fabrication and characterisation of Si-based capillary-driven microfluidic devices
Centrifugally spun ultrafine starch/PEO fibres as release formulation for poorly water-soluble drugs
Numerical study of the flow of R1270-based nanorefrigerants in a circular tube subject to uniform heat flux
Optimising electrochemical performance of lithium-rich manganese-based ternary cathode material xLi2MnO3·(1 − x)LiNi0.5Co0.3Mn0.2O2 by adjusting composition ratio
Robust high bandwidth oscillation-free digital feedforward compensator for micromachined actuators
Elaboration of spherical particles of PMMA/ZnO through macroporous polymer networks
Utilising graphene antidots for implementation of a broadband terahertz absorber
Controlled synthesis and characteristics of large-area and high-filling nickel nanowires arrays in AAO template
Fast immunofluorescence lateral flow test strip approach for detection of homocysteine
Molecular dynamics simulation on notch sensitivity of nanocrystalline Cu
Approach for the improvement of sensitivity and sensing speed of TFET-based biosensor by using plasma formation concept
Bi2O3 quantum dots decorated TiO2nanobelt heterojunctions with enhanced visible-light photoactivity
Miniature temperature sensor based on encapsulated silica microfibre–microsphere structure
Micro and nanoparticles blended sesame oil bio-lubricant: study of its tribological and rheological properties
Characterisation and investigation of antibacterial properties of nylon 66/TPS/Ag NPs nanofibre membranes

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