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Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2018

Volume 13, Issue 10

October 2018

Low-cost microfluidics: materials and methods
Ni–W–S nanoparticles in-situ synthesised on Ti mesh for electrocatalytic oxidation of glucose
Impact of metal grain work function variability on ferroelectric insulation based GAA MOSFET
Synthesis of columnar-shaped CeO2 and electrochemical sensor for detecting phenol
Hierarchical porous N,O Co-doped carbon/Se composite derived from hydrothermal treated chitosan as Li–Se battery cathode
Effect of sintering temperature on phase transformation and luminescence property of BaAl2Si2O8:Eu2+ phosphor
Synthesis of flower-like CeO2/BiOCl heterostructures with enhanced ultraviolet light photocatalytic activity
Passive voltage amplification in non-leaky ferroelectric–dielectric heterostructure
Production of silica nanoparticles bound fabrics and evaluation of its antibacterial/ultraviolet protection properties
Facile design and fabrication of capillary valve for mixing using two-step PDMS moulding
Chemical synthesis of single-layer graphene by using ball milling compared with NaBH4 and hydroquinone reductants
Hybrid graphene aerogel intermedium for bendable supercapacitor electrode
Power generation from microfluidic drops using inorganic silicon dioxide electret film
Polypyrrole-modified magnetic nanoparticles for preconcentration of atorvastatin in human serum prior to its determination using high-performance liquid chromatography
In-situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles on porous silicon nanostructure through galvanic displacement reaction and its application in construction of glucose screen printed sensor
Diameter dependence of the UV light detecting performance of InGaN/GaN nanorods array photodetector
Morphology control and optical properties of Bi2O3 crystals prepared by low-temperature liquid phase method
SPR-enhanced fluorescence and protein-improved blood compatibility of quadruple core/shell nanostructure of [email protected]2@Eu3+(tta)3[email protected]
Direct growth of carbon microfibres on SiO2 particles by chemical vapour deposition from ethanol
Experimental characterisation of coaxial TSV transistor keep out zones
Transparent and flexible force sensor based on microextrusion 3D printing
Cristobalite formation from the thermal treatment of amorphous silica fume recovered from the metallurgical silicon industry
Effective approach to enhance DC and high-frequency performance of electrically doped TFET
Anticancer activity evaluation of green synthesised gold–silver alloy nanoparticles on colourectal HT-29 and prostate DU-145 carcinoma cell lines
Effective design technique for improvement of electrostatics behaviour of dopingless TFET: proposal, investigation and optimisation
Agglomeration of the poly(butadiene-styrene) latex triggered by CO2 bubbling and the preparation of poly(methyl methacrylate-butadiene-styrene) core/shell particles with a wide size distribution
Biopolymer-mediated synthesis and characterisation of platinum nanocomposite and its anti-fungal activity against A. parasiticus and A. flavus
Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for the submonolayer growth of homoepitaxial SrTiO3 thin films
Effects of CNT loading on cellular structures and sound absorption of PU foams
Sol–gel synthesis of Ba-doped ZnO nanoparticles and its use in varistor ceramics

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