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Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2018

Volume 13, Issue 1

January 2018

Nanohybrid optical sensor for simultaneous measurements of strain, temperature, and vibration for civil application
Probing the interaction of (001) carbonated hydroxylapatite surfaces with water: a density functional investigation
Facile fabrication of plate-like Bi3O4Cl for visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline hydrochloride
Fabrication of TiO2-WO3 hollow spheres via a templating technique for photocatalytic applications
Junction-less charge plasma TFET with dual drain work functionality for suppressing ambipolar nature and improving radio-frequency performance
Usage of Janus green B for the improvement of the filling effect during replication process of nanoimprint nickel stamp
Study of the characteristics of ohmic contact between metal electrodes and Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films
Submerged arc discharge for producing nanoscale graphene in deionised water
Deep insight into linearity and NQS parameters of tunnel FET with emphasis on lateral straggle
Influence of Spark plasma sintering on the tetragonal phase of ZrO2-NiO nanosized powders synthesised via oxidation of quenched melted Ni40-Zr60 alloy
Fundamental frequency analysis of rectangular piezoelectric nanoplate under in-plane forces based on surface layer, non-local elasticity, and two variable refined plate hypotheses
Wafer-level vacuum-encapsulated silicon resonators with arc-welded electrodes
Electrochemical immunosensor for alpha-fetoprotein based on prussian blue-carbon [email protected]
Rapid and sensitive detection of formaldehyde based on AC electrokinetic effects
Orientational Ag nanoparticle alignment from a facile ‘TEG-sol’ method
Laser-induced stainless steel mesh for high effective water/oil separation
Effects of various hydrogenated temperatures on photocatalytic activity of mesoporous titanium dioxide
Simple method for fabricating highly electrically conductive PU composite with [email protected]@silver core-double-shell microspheres
Thermoelectric transport calculation of Si nanoclusters with different geometric shapes
Polylysine-modified titania nanotube arrays for local drug delivery
SiC/Si heterojunction VDMOS breaking silicon limit by breakdown point transfer technology
Structure and ferromagnetism properties of leaf-like ZnO nanostructures
Ion exchange for ZnAl-LDHs using ammonium-salt method in aqueous medium
Synthesis and near-infrared quantum cutting of Tb3+, Yb3+ codoped GdBa3B9O18 phosphors
Preparation of near-infrared Ag2S quantum dots for detection of bisphenol A in water
Preparation and chemical mechanical polishing performance of CeO2/CeF3 composite powders
Performance of PbO2 on the basis of porous graphite/Pb conductive substrates for hybrid supercapacitors
Nanocomposite of Ni–Ti-layered double hydroxide and graphene for enhanced vis-light photocatalysis
High-crystallinity and large-grain CH3NH3PbI3 thin films for efficient TiO2 nanorod array perovskite solar cells
Synthesis of mix-faceted Cu2O nanoparticles with tunable {111} and {100} facet ratios for enhanced photocatalytic activity

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