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Volume 12, Issue 7, July 2017

Volume 12, Issue 7

July 2017

Structural, optical, and electrical properties of ZnO nanofilms deposited over PS substrate
Electrodeposited nanoscale zinc oxide particles: facilitating the electron transfer of immobilised protein and biosensing
Nanosphere of Pb-modified bismuth-based borate photocatalysts
Synthesis of YSZ/TiO2 core–shell feedstock powders via the air plasma spray method
Roller embossing process for the replication of shark-skin-inspired micro-riblets
Preparation of a nanosilica cross-linker and investigation of its effect on properties of guar gum fracturing fluid
Street nanotexturing of n-GaN for enhancing light extraction in GaN LEDs
Energy director structure and self-balancing jig for the ultrasonic bonding of microfluidic chips
Green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using AM extract
Controllable preparation and photocatalytic activity of highly ordered ZnO nanoarrays
Template synthesis of porous nanoZnO and its adsorption capability
Wettability evolution of different nanostructured cobalt films based on electrodeposition
Low-temperature synthesis of strain sensor based on flexible ZnO nanowire-cellulose paper composite
Oxidative degradation and morphological properties of gamma-irradiated isotactic polypropylene films
Process for fabricating microactuator membranes of piezoelectric inkjet print head using multi-step deep reactive ion etching process
Exploring the behaviour of water nanodroplet on a coplanar electrowetting-on-dielectric: a molecular dynamics approach
Conformation and electronic structure of DNA in carbon nanotubes: a molecular dynamics and first-principles study
Reduced graphene [email protected]2 [email protected] graphene oxide hybrid nanostructures for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Mapping of accumulation of SeNPs in developing zebrafish embryos and larvae: a new method using SEM with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer
White-light emission from Y2SiO5:Ce3+, Tb3+ and Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ phosphor blends: a predictive model

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