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Volume 12, Issue 5, May 2017

Volume 12, Issue 5

May 2017

On-resistance reduction in vertical double diffusion metal oxide semiconductor devices using stress applied by thin film
Facile synthesis of magnetic Co nanofoam by low-temperature thermal decomposition of Co glycerolate
Simple nanosilver composite for photocatalytic inactivation of Salmonella typhimurium
Basic cadmium salts as phase-directing agent for the phase and morphology control of metal hydroxychlorides
Effect of surfactants on SrM core–shell nanoparticles synthesised at low temperature
Preparation of highly dispersed Mn–Ce mixed metal oxides supported on the nitric vapour functionalised CNTs for low-temperature NO reduction with NH3
The design and microfabrication of a sub 100 mg insect-scale flapping-wing robot
Fabrication method for annular/shielded copper interconnects
Strain-induced gradient crystalline evolution mechanism of Ti-6.5Al-3.5Mo-1.5Zr-0.3Si during ultrasonic impacting and rolling process
3D porous graphene synthesised using different hydrothermal treatment times for the removal of lead ions from an aqueous solution
Carbon films as perfect electromagnetic wave absorbers and anti-reflectors
Design and characterisation of cantilevers for multi-frequency atomic force microscopy
PVA/HAp composite with pork bone precursor obtained by electrospinning
Synthesis of shape-controlled Fe5(PO4)4(OH)3·2H2O microcrystal via one-step hydrothermal method
Green synthesis of Sulphur Nanoparticles assisted by a herbal surfactant in aqueous solutions
Synthesis of MnO2@graphene oxide flower-like nanocomposite as adsorbent for methyl orange decolouration
One-pot synthesis of chitosan/iron oxide nanocomposite as an eco-friendly bioadsorbent for water remediation of methylene blue

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