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Volume 12, Issue 11, November 2017

Volume 12, Issue 11

November 2017

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    • Editorial
      Temperature-dependence improvement for a MEMS gyroscope using triangular-electrode based capacitive detection method
      Generating usable electric power while sensing glucose
      Investigation of the IV characteristics asymmetry in semiconducting Y–Ba–Cu–O diodes
      Influence of interface wettability on normal and explosive boiling of ultra-thin liquid films on a heated substrate in nanoscale: a molecular dynamics study
      Fabrication and characterisation of TiO2 anti-reflection coatings with gradient index
      Formation of gold nanoparticle dimers on silicon by sacrificial DNA origami technique
      Numerical simulation of the performance of air-breathing direct formic acid microfluidic fuel cells
      Tilt sensor based on a dual-axis microaccelerometer with maximum sensitivity and minimum uncertainty in the full measurement range
      Wireless electric current sensing via integrating a magnetic–piezoelectric cantilever with a microstrip antenna
      Systematic transient characterisation of graphene NEMS switch for ESD protection
      Investigation on the effects of variable shear stress on monocyte cell morphology
      Morphology and conductivity improvement of metal mesh through roll-to-roll-compatible near-infrared sintering
      Collaborative micromanipulation using multiple bubble microrobots in an open reservoir
      Low voltage field emission of single Cu nanowire in air with nanoscale gaps for vacuum electronics
      AC electrokinetics based capture of yeast cells from ultra-fast through-flow for sensitive detection
      Comparative study between the fracture stress of poly- and single-crystalline graphene using a novel nanoelectromechanical system structure
      Microfabrication of hybrid structure composed of rigid silicon and flexible PI membranes

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