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Volume 11, Issue 8, August 2016

Volume 11, Issue 8

August 2016

DC and analogue/radio frequency performance optimisation of heterojunction double-gate tunnel field-effect transistor
Thermally induced oxidative growth of copper oxide nanowire on dendritic micropowder and reductive conversion to copper nanowire
Amine functionalised hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for anti-angiogenesis gene therapy of breast cancer
Effects of thickness on switching current for (Pb0.97La0.02)(Zr0.95Ti0.05)O3 antiferroelectric films under thermo-electric coupled field
Research on HS-WEDM and chemical etching technology of superamphiphobic surfaces on Al substrates
Effects of aluminium and sodium co-doping on the structural and electrochemical performances of the spinel LiMn2O4 cathode materials
Effect of surfactant type on the synthesis of nanocrystalline MgAl2O4 and its application as a support for Ni catalyst in the steam pre-reforming of natural gas
Graphene-based THz modulator analysed by equivalent circuit model
Performance enhancement of asymmetrical underlap 3D-cylindrical GAA-TFET with low spacer width
Stability study of OMP encapsulated PLA-PLGA microparticles in simulated body fluid: a DLS perspective
Synthesis of carbon nanostructures from coal by chemical solid synthesis method
Size-controlled synthesis of silver nanoparticles from silver mirror reaction in toluene
Fabrication and characterisation of flower-like ZnO nanostructures grown chemically on flexible PEN substrate
Approach for ambipolar behaviour suppression in tunnel FET by workfunction engineering
Effect of mullite synthesis methods on the spark plasma sintering behaviour and mechanical properties

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