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Volume 11, Issue 12, December 2016

Volume 11, Issue 12

December 2016

Effects of magnesium and chlorine co-doping on the structural and electrochemical performance of the spinel LiMn2O4 cathode materials
Investigation into the effect of shock acceleration characteristics on the performance of a proposed MEMS inertial switch
Microfabricated electrochemical gas sensor
High-frequency vibration characteristic of Pb0.97La0.02(Zr0.95Ti0.05)O3 anti-ferroelectric thick films cantilever
Vacuum-free photolithographic patterning of conducting polymer film
Preparation and oxygen sensing properties of Ti3O5 submicron rods
Facile synthesis of water-dispersible magnetite nanorings from surfactant-free hematite nanorings
Fabrication of large-area ordered array of gold nanoparticles on c-Si substrate and its characterisation through reflectance spectra
Phase transformation during sintering of Li2TiO3 nanocrystallites synthesised by hydrothermal method
Enhanced acetone sensing properties of Eu-In2O3 nanotubes with bumps
Ultra-low leakage SRAM design with sub-32 nm tunnel FETs for low standby power applications
Light backscattering (e.g. reflectance) by ZnO nanorods on tips of plastic optical fibres with application for humidity and alcohol vapour sensing
Electrodeposition of Ni–Co double hydroxide composite nanosheets on Fe substrate for high-performance supercapacitor electrode
Transformation of SAC (Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu) nanoparticles into bulk material during melting process with large melting-point depression
Superiority of partial discharge characteristics of cross-linked polyethylene nanocomposites over microcomposites for electrical insulation application
Accurate assembly of ZnO nanoclusters at the ends of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in a microemulsion system
Fabrication and electrochemical properties of 1D mesoporous TiO2 nanorods doped-LiNi0.7Mn0.2Co0.1O2 as the anode material for lithium ion battery
Equivalent circuit of piezoelectric resonant disk gyroscope through admittance circle method
Micromachining approach for improving uniformity of the topography of microchannels
Renal histopathological alterations induced by nanosilver toxicity: the size effect
Effect of polypyrrole coating modified by sodium fluoride and polyethylene glycol on corrosion behaviour of AZ31 magnesium alloy
Synthesis of hierarchical three-dimensional CuO spindles for highly sensitive glucose determination
Photon-spin coherent manipulation of piezotronic nanodevice
Fabrication of atomic force microscope spherical tips and its application in determining the mechanical property of cancer cells
Controllable synthesis of SiO2 nanoparticles: effects of ammonia and tetraethyl orthosilicate concentration
Syngas production through methane oxy-steam reforming over a Ni/SiO2 nanocatalyst prepared by a modified impregnation method
Clay bricks modified by implementing of N- and/or C-TiO2: insight into self-cleaning properties toward fatty contaminant
High-strength nanostructured black-silicon wafer for photovoltaic applications

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