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Volume 10, Issue 7, July 2015

Volume 10, Issue 7

July 2015

Titanium oxide vertical resistive random-access memory device
Al2O3 and Sn/Al2O3 nanowires: fabrication and characterisation
Separated reverse-conducting insulated-gate bipolar transistor with snapback-free characteristics
Ion-beam-assisted fabrication and manipulation of metallic nanowires
Hydrothermal synthesis and tribological properties of MoSe2 nanoflowers
Directional transport of water droplets on superhydrophobic aluminium alloy surface
Silicon-based, low-g microelectromechanical systems inertial switch for linear acceleration sensing application
Magnification and resolution of microlenses with different shapes
Microfabrication of conical microfunnels for drug delivery applications
Extraction and preconcentration of diclofenac through adsolubilisation process using magnetic nanoparticles adsorbent prior to its spectrophotometric determination
Preparation and characterisation of MCM-41 materials with intra-wall cross-mesopores
Synthesis and characterisation of SAPO-34 with high surface area

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