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Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2015

Volume 10, Issue 1

January 2015

Effect of sonication time on the characteristics of nanophase hydroxyapatite crystals synthesised by the sol–gel technique
Functional plasmonic nanoantennae as optical filters
Synthesis of Ni-riched NiO-Co3O4 sheet-like nanocomposites and their application in supercapacitors
Synthesis of Fe3O4@SiO2@MnO2 composite magnetic submicrospheres as adsorbent for methyl orange decolouration
Two-step microfocal lens with enhanced optical coupling efficiency suitable for large-scale fabrication
Thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 disk fabricated from rice kernel-like Bi2Te3 powder
Control synthesis and formation mechanism of sphere-like titanium dioxide
Heat transfer analysis of piston cooling using nanofluids in the gallery
Fabrication of nanochannels using underexposed nanoimprint method
Radial photovoltaic junction with single Si nanowire core–shell structure
Microwave-assisted synthesis of erbium-doped yttrium oxide nanoparticles and their upconversion properties
Simple and mild biomolecule-assisted green route to nanosheet-built zinc indium sulphide microspheres
One-pot synthesis of polypyrrole/AgCl composite nanotubes and their antibacterial properties
Magnetic properties and Mössbauer spectroscopy of iron nanowire arrays prepared by electroless deposition in a magnetic field

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