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  • 30 Gb/s integrated receiver array for parallel optical interconnects
  • Iterative complex network approach for chemical gas sensor array characterisation
  • Channel state information based efficient database construction for indoor localisation
  • Virtual prototype and GaN HEMT based high frequency LLC converter design
  • Calibration method of vision measurement system for ceramic billet grinding robot
  • Dual-optimisation of power sources including plug-in electric vehicles and renewable energy resources at transmission-level system
  • Array sort: an adaptive sorting algorithm on multi-thread
  • Sum rate analysis of two-unicast wireless energy harvesting system
  • PAPR reduction in OFDM using scaled particle swarm optimisation based partial transmit sequence technique
  • Design and implementation of hybrid Kalman filter for state estimation of power system under unbalanced loads
  • Performance analysis of cooperative wireless sensor network with index-based modulation
  • Performance analysis of hybrid FSO/RF communication systems with Alamouti coding or antenna selection
  • Design and implementation of multi-grooved simultaneous separation and screening equipment
  • Simulation and analysis of a gas insulated switchgear explosion accident caused by a failure of high-voltage circuit breaker in a thermal power plant
  • Theorems of compensation and Tellegen in non-sinusoidal circuits via geometric algebra
  • Field weakening control of a PM vehicle drive
  • Comparison of damping techniques for the soft-stop of ultra-fast linear actuators for HVDC breaker applications
  • Unidirectional DC/DC modular multilevel converter for offshore windfarm with the control strategy based on stationary frame
  • Novel islanding detection method for inverter-based distributed generators based on adaptive reactive power control
  • FEM-coupled simulations and genetic algorithm model applied to reduce the torque ripple of a 2-phase SR motor drive
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