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2017 Tsinghua – IET Electrical Engineering Academic Forum

Location : Tsinghua University Sanbao Academic Base, Beijing, China

Conference Date : 19–21 May 2017

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    • Vibration of saturable reactor core used in HVDC converter valve system
    • Key techniques for phased and multi-mode hybrid simulation of multi-energy flow systems
    • Power transformer fault diagnosis using FCM and improved PCA
    • Marketing equilibria of integrated heating and power system considering locational marginal pricing in distribution networks
    • Power flow calculation method for isolated microgrid considering the influence of harmonic power
    • Droop control strategy of the AC/DC hybrid micro-grid based on quasi-PR control
    • Distribution networks reconfiguration considering the integrations of DGS and different voltages of the medium-voltage feeders
    • Light emission characteristics during the initiation of the electric tree in insulating polymers
    • Prediction and control of Hopf bifurcation in a large-scale PV grid-connected system based on an optimised support vector machine
    • Four harmonic analysis and energy metering algorithms based on a new cosine window function
    • Unbalanced steady-state model of synchronous machine for EMT initialisation
    • Simulation analysis of electromagnetic coupling law of one typical electronic circuit box body

19 items found

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