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The 6th International Conference on Renewable Power Generation (RPG)

Location : Wuhan, China

Conference Date : 19–20 October 2017

E-ISBN : 978-1-78561-504-7

Conference Number : 6

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    • Phasor model simulation of a grid integrated variable speed pumped storage system
    • Coordination of two-stage surge protective device in low-voltage system under mixed waves
    • On-line decentralised economical dispatch for power system with highly penetrated uncertain renewables
    • Multi-objective reactive power optimisation approach for the isolated grid of new energy clusters connected to VSC-HVDC
    • Equivalencing-tracking-based method for incorporating distributed energy resources in transmission system economic dispatch
    • Harmonic suppressing control strategy for MMC–HVDC
    • Abnormality in power system transient stability control of BESS/STATCOM
    • Identification of current transformer saturation based on the improved gradient mathematical morphology method
    • Power grid planning based on differential abandoned wind rate
    • Dynamic modelling of the VSC-HVDC for analytical studies
    • Renewable energy integration capacity assessment in regional power grid based on an enhanced sequential production simulation
    • Ultra-short-term wind speed forecasting method based on spatial and temporal correlation models
    • Two-phase integrated optimisation strategy for network restoration with photovoltaic generation
    • Coordinated control strategy of reactive power for large-scale wind power transmission by LCC-HVDC links
    • Optimised recovery strategy for microgrid with distributed generations
    • Dynamic stability of weak grid connection of large-scale DFIG based on wind turbines
    • Research and simulation of control strategy for multi-terminal flexible high-voltage DC transmission system with renewable energy access
    • Short-circuit current analysis of grid-connected LCL VSC by operational inductance
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1 - 20 of 367 items found

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