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The 14th Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery (ACCAS 2018)

Location : Shanghai, China

Conference Date : 16–18 November 2018

Conference Number : 14

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    • Surgical tool tracking based on two CNNs: from coarse to fine
    • Effect of young's modulus of porcine ligamentum flavum on the epidural needle insertion
    • Multi-Arm lower-limb rehabilitation robot for motor coordination training after stroke
    • Fractal algorithm for 3D-printed continuous porous scaffold design
    • Preliminary design of a robotic system for kinaesthetic training of surgical tasks
    • Development of compact portable ultrasound robot for home healthcare
    • Robotic spinal surgery system with force feedback for teleoperated drilling
    • Wireless transmission-based brain shift compensation system
    • Mixed path planning for multi-robots in structured hospital environment
    • Data assimilation using particle filter for real-time identification of organ properties
    • Systemic design of an NARR for hemiplegic survivors
    • Efficient multi-parameter calibration method for CVC assist robot with servo-navigation system

13 items found

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