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Volume 2022, Issue 12, December 2022

Volume 2022, Issue 12

December 2022

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    • Short‐term load forecasting in smart grids using artificial intelligence methods: A survey
      Wanted: A name for a commonly used trigonometry function
    • Optimum design of the long‐span continuous steel truss rail beams of straddle monorails
      Measurement quality of a software defined radio system for medical diagnostics
      FPGA‐based control strategy of five‐phase induction motor drives
      Experimental results and technique evaluation based on correlation function for a backup protection of synchronous generator stator windings
      Number characteristics of information granules in information tables
      Remote sensing image semantic segmentation network based on ENet
      Comparison of wind speed forecasting models for power reserve scheduling in the congested transmission network
    • Impact of fuel price increasing policies on fuel smuggling and acceptance of green cars: A case study of Iran

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