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Volume 2021, Issue 12, December 2021

Volume 2021, Issue 12

December 2021

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    • Electric drives as fog nodes in a fog computing‐based industrial use case
      An efficient corner detector based on ratio of parallelogram diagonal
      Rapid in vitro evaluation of hemodynamic performances of customized handmade trileaflet‐valved conduits using Duffing–Holmes‐based self‐synchronization dynamic errors
      Fuzzy adaptive super‐twisting algorithm based sliding‐mode observer for sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Biomechanical comparison of backhand topspin against backspin between different level table tennis athletes using QUALSYS infrared acquisition
      L S B m a x algorithm for boosting resilience of electric grids post (N‐2) contingencies " >The algorithm for boosting resilience of electric grids post (N‐2) contingencies
      How many Mel‐frequency cepstral coefficients to be utilized in speech recognition? A study with the Bengali language
      Separation and feature extraction of micro‐motion signal of ballistic target
      Channel state information acquisition method of internet of things based on deep learning

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