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Volume 2020, Issue 9, September 2020

Volume 2020, Issue 9

September 2020

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    • Intelligent method to cryptocurrency price variation forecasting
      Spike buffer: improve deep network performance by offset mechanism
      Lumped element balanced multi-band bandstop filter for ultra high frequency applications
      18 band ANSI S1.11 filter bank based on interpolated finite impulse response technique for hearing aids
      Reliability evaluation of active distribution network considering various active adjustment means
      Techno-economic potential of battery energy storage systems in frequency response and balancing mechanism actions
      Research on a new type of buffering valve for vehicle shifting
      Analysis of stable operation region of the hybrid AC/DC distribution systems
      Load balancing strategy for medical big data based on low delay cloud network
      Vision skeleton trajectory based motion assessment system for healthcare rehabilitation
    • GPS spoofing-based time synchronisation attack in advanced metering infrastructure and its protection

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