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Volume 2020, Issue 13, July 2020

Volume 2020, Issue 13

July 2020

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    • Three-way decision of target threat decision making based on adaptive threshold algorithms
      Prioritised experience replay based on sample optimisation
      HRIPCB: a challenging dataset for PCB defects detection and classification
      Collaborative representation-based locality preserving projections for image classification
      Balancing large margin nearest neighbours for imbalanced data
      Human body posture recognition algorithm for still images
      Natural scene text detection based on multiscale connectionist text proposal network
      Design of a collaborative monitoring system for hydroelectric generating sets and its application
      Updating knowledge in multigranulation decision-theoretic rough set model based on decision support degree
      Bitcoin price forecasting method based on CNN-LSTM hybrid neural network model
      Discriminative sparsity preserving projection via global constraint for unconstrained face recognition
      Method of social network analysis and visualisation based on reviews
      Digital filter based on chaos theory used for removing narrow-frequency-band noise in PD signals
      Construction of knowledge graph of maritime dangerous goods based on IMDG code
      Single-shot detector with enriched semantics for PCB tiny defect detection
      Semi-supervised long short-term memory for human action recognition
      Visual saliency mechanism-based object recognition with high-resolution remote-sensing images
      Using PCAand one-stage detectors for real-time forest fire detection
      Unknown defect detection for printed circuit board based on multi-scale deep similarity measure method
      Effectiveness analysis of ship formation air defence based on deep belief network
      Design and evaluation of a large-scale magnetically navigated robot scheduling system
      Feature selection in deterministic policy gradient
      Micro-blog sentiment classification using Doc2vec + SVM model with data purification
      VR-based dataset for autonomous-driving system
      Necklace: a novel long text detection model
      One intelligent framework for screening and intervention of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
      Design and improvement of the pruning algorithm of the Chinese chess in the computer games
      Attribute reduction based on improving DIT in interval-valued ordered information system
      Recurrent spatial transformer network for high-accuracy image registration in moving PCB defect detection
      Recommendation method of smart TV programs reflecting content consumption concentration calculation
      Effects of environmental feature selection on end-to-end vehicle steering controller
      Synchronous multi-kernel iterative dual heuristic programming with ℓ2-regularisation
      Grid cell field reconstruction based on rat hippocampal cognitive mechanism and hebbian plasticity
      Research on 3D printing service model for innovation, entrepreneurship, and universal applications
      Scene recognition under special traffic conditions based on deep multi-task learning
      Shift, rotation and scale invariant optical fingerprint verification system with double random phase encoding
      Design and implementation path of intelligent transportation information system based on artificial intelligence technology
      Research on CNN + LSTM user intention classification based on multi-granularity features of texts
      Efficient generative model for motion deblurring
      Fault diagnosis method for attached lifting scaffold based on support vector machine
      Adversarial semi-supervised learning method for printed circuit board unknown defect detection
      Deep and CNN fusion method for binaural sound source localisation
      Research on wire rope wear detection based on computer vision
      Vision-based map building and path planning method in unmanned air/ground vehicle cooperative systems
      LeNet-5 improvement based on FPGA acceleration
      Research on image feature matching algorithm based on feature optical flow and corner feature
      SOC estimation algorithm of power lithium battery based on AFSA-BP neural network
      Three-dimensional obstacle avoidance for UAV based on reinforcement learning and RealSense
      Analysis of partial discharge signals from generator propagation in excitation transformer by EMTP
      Double threshold construction method for attribute-induced three-way concept lattice in incomplete fuzzy formal context
      Deep learning method for rain streaks removal from single image
      Research of interval reduction in variable precision rough set
      Three IQs of AI systems and their testing methods
      Visual information classification technique of Chinese tourism government portals
      Personalised recommendation algorithm based on covariance
      Study on intelligent control of yaw stability of electric vehicle with in-wheel motors
      EXplainable AI (XAI) approach to image captioning
      Using normal dictionaries to extract multiple semantic relationships
      Research on integrated computer game algorithm for dots and boxes
      Object detection method on station logo with single shot multi-box detector
      Improved grey wolf optimisation algorithms
      Parameter analysis on multi-factorial evolutionary algorithm
      Chinese cursive character detection method
      Breast mass classification method based on convolutional neural networks
      Using convolutional neural network for diabetes mellitus diagnosis based on tongue images
      Deep learning-based household electric energy consumption forecasting
      Observer-based iterative learning control for linear time-varying systems using LMI
      Graph embedded incomplete multi-view clustering method with proximity relation estimation
      Fast pedestrian detection method based on BING
      Making up the shortages of the Bayes classifier by the maximum mutual information classifier
      L1-norm based discriminant manifold learning for multi-label image classification
      Design and implementation of real-time monitoring system for atmospheric particles based on a cloud platform
      Traffic light and moving object detection for a guide-dog robot
      Learning a unified tracking-and-detection framework with distractor-aware constraint for visual object tracking

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